Zerodha Founder
Nikhil Kamath
Success Struggle Story

If you have some kind of interest Share Market, Stocks & Trading then definitely you Must have heard the Name of Zerodha

Zerodha is India's number one & biggest brokerage stock trading Company & App.

Zerodha Founders

Nithin Kamath & Nikhil Kamath 2 brothers are the founder of Zerodha App.

Nikhil, a school dropout guy, started working in a call center at the early age of 17, where Nikhil was paid just 8000 Rs/month.

Also, Nikhil Kamath used to do part-time stock market trading,
Once Nikhil’s father asked him to manage his saving.

Nikhil also managed his Manager’s money and gave him a good return. 

In 2004, Nikhil started a trading Firm with his brother Nithin name- Kamath Associate.

Nikhil Kamath believes that in India earlier days the technology used in share market trading was too old with high brokerage commission. 

So we got an idea of giving a simple user-friendly interface to traders so that they can do share market trading with discounted low brokerage commission.

In 2010, Kamath brothers founded Zerodha and currently Zerodha has most number of active traders (2.5 million)

Networth of Zerodha Trading

$2 Billion (US Dollar) 
Approx 16,000 crore (INR) 

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