Avoid these Mistakes while preparing for UPSC. 

If you are trying to appear for the UPSC examination then this web story is for you.

Aspirants do hard work for the UPSC Civil Services exam,
but there are some mistakes due to which their dream remains incomplete.

Start studying without making any strategy, you will be able to clear the civil service exam only when your strategy is vital. 

Mistake #1

Many aspirants start preparation without knowing the UPSC Preparation Syllabus,

Mistake #2

to understand the demand and pattern of the UPSC Exam, we have to analyze the Previous Year's Question Papers. 

Mistake #3

UPSC is a game of Strategy and Time Management, so spend your time wisely in preparation,

Mistake #4

Let's suppose you are giving most of the time to your favorite subject and less attention to the rest of the subject

Mistake #5

It's really necessary to read the newspaper regularly but giving too much time to reading the newspaper will harm you

Mistake #6

Make your own notes during UPSC preparation, remember revision will be easier when you make your own notes. 

Mistake #7

Remember revision is the key to success so before the final exam more and more revision should be done. 

Mistake #8

For UPSC preparation, do not refer too many resources, only standard books and NCERT should be used.

Mistake #9

IAS Nisha Grewal

Best Of Luck For Your UPSC Exam.

IPS Sanjukta Parashar

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