Best 5
Low Investment
High Return
Business Ideas

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Today, I’ll tell you about amazing business ideas which require low investment compared to others.

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These are such well-known Businesses whose demand never ever ends.

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So if you have a true passion for cooking or if you are an expert in cooking then surely you have to try it.

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Open a small size restaurant that can serve 50 people at once.
High Profit Business

Open one healthy Tea-Breakfast shop, cause in metro cities people do not have much time to make tea or breakfast. 

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Tiffin Centre Shop: You can also deliver delicious food from Tiffin Service door to door.

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Fast Food Shop Business: No matter what happens, the number of fast food lovers will never be down so you can also try it. 

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Cake Bakery Shop Business

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If you have a passion then you should try this business and make cakes for customers on their anniversary.

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